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00317: When a telnet session is killed or a modem line is dropped, a running BBx application will not exit properly00231: Wyse 325 color termcap entry00990: Xterm Color termcap for Linux00072: Error 0 after printing a few pages00108: Error 0, TCB(10)=-10100241: Error 0, TCB(10)=-101, occurs on Windows when creating a file00003: Error 0, TCB(10)=-13, when accessing a file on an NFS mounted drive00153: Error 0, TCB(10)=-32, when removing a directory under Windows NT00107: ERROR 0, TCB(10)=-3300004: Error 0, TCB(10)=-33, OPENing files due to single-user license01107: Error=0, TCB(10)=-32, when printing to spooler in AIX00210: Error=0, TCB(10)=-32, when printing under Unix00719: Error=0, TCB(10)=-32, when printing under Unix to a remote spooler00863: FCBCache turned on disallows file type changes.00126: Error=0 or 60 under Lantastic network00799: After upgrade a report with greater than 80 columns used to work returns an Error=100631: Printing a long string to the printer generates an ERROR=1 (end of record), TCB (10)=200379: The default COLS= value changed in PRO/5 rev 1.0400041: Error 12 when using _DDEDIT.UTL00117: Opening a /dev/lpt printer alias may return an error or the print job disappears00668: Opening a file under Novell may result in an error 18 instead of an error 12 after updating the product, OS, or client kit00377: Error 13 occurs when attempting to edit a line in IO mode00635: Reading a file on a CD returns ERROR=1300188: Error 16, TCB(10)=-46 or -49, under Unix: TCB(10)=--37 under Linux - No Record Locks Available00872: ERROR 16, TCB(10)=-46, on Unix Ware when FLCKREC is maxed00187: Error 16, TCB(10)=17, on an OPEN of a pipe under Unix00560: How to calculate the optimal value of the file's STBLEN parameter00280: Possible causes for a BBx error 1600595: TCB(10)=-4 under DOS, Too Many Open Files00584: Error 17 when trying to load a program00145: Error 17, TCB(10)=-15 or -21, when creating a file00867: Error=17 occurs if the IP Address is used instead of hostname with TCP Client00183: Setting the context for a Novell printer on the nspool alias line00146: Error 18, TCB(10)=-5, when creating files on Novell Net Ware00476: Possible reasons for an ERROR 1800636: Attempting to convert a file in _p4conv causes an Error 200721: Error 2 when reading or writing a file00206: Fine tuning Xenix/Unix00083: Error 26 at line 7060 in BXRCV00820: Error=26 in BXRCV on Line 2140 indicates bad utility set00005: ERROR=29 occurs when trying to send an escape sequence to a printer00056: "ERROR= 30 (BAD PROGRAM)", when trying to run _ddedit.utl00147: List of possible reasons for Error 3000512: Error 33 - How to free up conventional memory in DOS00020: Error 33 loading functions keys with the 'FL' mnemonic00651: ERROR 33 when creating a window via the 'WINDOW' mnemonic00482: ERROR 33 when invoking PRO/5 under UNIX00724: Error 36 Call/Enter Mismatch00042: ERROR=4 (DISK/DEVICE NOT READY) when trying to run the _utility00582: Possible reasons for an ERROR 400519: Possible reasons for an ERROR 4100650: Error 46 when executing a BBx SELECT with a SORTBY clause00007: Error 46, TCB(10)=60, on a SELECT statement00641: Possible cause of an !

The video above highlights a number of other issues that might be due to the hardware being used. Windows TP was designed with modern hardware in mind and comes preloaded with a limited number of drivers.

UTL or other utilities report an error 100772: Error 11, TCB(10)=-87 or TCB(10)=-1801 opening a sysprint printer00829: !

Following positive reviews, a handful of users upgraded their main Windows 7 or 8 operating system to Windows 10.

EXE program changed for BASIS Windows-based revision 2.0 products00250: How to capture a printer port under older versions of Windows00358: How to capture a printer port under Windows NT, Win2000, XP, Vista00410: How to change the font with a sysplot device00062: How to determine the CPI and POINT size of the SYSPRINTer's font00353: How to determine the version of Windows 9500644: How to easily change the fonts for all controls in a GUI window00629: How to find out how a Windows machine's TCP/IP stack is configured00626: How to immediately view a report that has been printed to a file00627: How to prevent BBx for Novell from destroying an existing print capture00703: How to Print to a File Using Universal Naming Convention (UNC)00701: How to revert to the older, character based model of editing a line of Visual PRO/5 code.00559: How to set the icon for the Visual PRO/5 Window00927: How to use an ampersand within the text field of a button00167: How to use the 'FONT' mnemonic/mode in a program and in an alias line for a SYSPRINT device01026: Install Sheild error: Data Transfer Error 10601076: Instructions on running Vpro5 silent install00548: Is Universal Naming Convention (UNC) support under Visual PRO/5?

00394: List of used by Visual PRO/5 under Windows 9500417: List of possible SYSWINDOW modes00182: Long startup times or invocation of TCP/IP Visual PRO/5 client dials CIS or PPP server00886: Moving Visual PRO/5 from one PC to a different PC00598: MS DOS and Windows, TCB(10)=-112, Disk Full00610: MS DOS and Windows, TCB(10)=-21, drive not ready00600: MS DOS and Windows, TCB(10)=-53, bad netpath00601: MS DOS and Windows, TCB(10)=-59, unexpected network error00787: Netware client GPF's when trying to check out a license under NOVELL 5.000513: Notes on PC-Anywhere remote printing and Visual PRO/500792: Novell BASIS.

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